Friday, June 4, 2010

We have visited breweries, castles, museums, cathedrals, graveyards, statues with white hair (thanks to the pigeons) and many cute little town centers. Barb and John kissed the Blarney Stone. (We kissed it 20 years ago, so we just went for the scenery.) Some people thought we were nuts for letting John kiss it and "get the gift of gab," but we figured he couldn't get any more gabbishness from a rock at the top of a 600 year old castle.

We went to Cobh which is the last port of call for the
Titanic before...well, you know.

I like the way they say "wakey" and "drinky" and the advertisement for the "Breakie Mac" at McDonalds. Plus the way they rhyme everything is endearing. For example, a tall monument in Dublin is called "The Erection in the Intersection" and the "Stiletto in the Ghhetto" or the "Pole in the Hole."

We are doing the B&B and Pub thing, which I like because it puts us in one to one contact with the local people.

BTW, did y'all know that an Irish guy was the first one to discover America?
That Chris Columbus story is a myth. Just so you know.

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