Sunday, June 6, 2010


We are staying in Connemara, which may be the farest south spot in Irelans. Not sure but it's close. It is west of Galway. Did y'all know that the country of Ireland is half the size of Illinois?
Now you do. Everyone who asks us where we are from in the US tells us we brought the good weather with us. It's almost getting comical.
Twenty years ago Ireland was not as expensive. I blame the Euro.
We have put many many miles on the rental car. We had to adjust from the gourmet food on the boat to pub food, but pub food is good and it's fun, too.
FYI, no one has said a dispariging word to anyone. We have even shared B&B rooms. Must be the adult beverages.

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  1. Wow!! A trip to Ireland I can only imagine the beauty. Looking forward to some pictures.. hugs ~lynne~