Saturday, May 29, 2010

Indecent Bumbling Boobs

We are off the barge and back at the La-De-Da Hotel. Tomorrow the boys come. Tomorrow we move to the Egan Hotel. In two days it's B&Bs all the way. John stayed up half the night last night down-loading IRELAND GPS bidness so we won't get lost. The last time I was here I wrote a thing called, "How to make roads in Ireland" and it still stands true today. As I recall it began with -"Place two cars side by side almost touching. Add one inch. Put tar stuff down exactly this wide...." It goes on. of course.

The boat was fantastic. Food? Out of this world. Company? Wonderful. Laughter? Oh, Yeah.--- until we were weak.

Our computer comes with the guys, so there will be pictures. Meanwhile we are at the hotel Bidness center.

Barb just knocked on our neighbors door thinking it was our friends. It was an annoyed guy in a bathrobe. No telling what she interrupted.

Someone suggested we go to a store called Doors and Knockers. Someone said, "I've got your knockers right here." Don't know who...

Some impertinent little thing just opened the door wondering when I would be done so I'm out. Love!

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